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Welcome to KEYU creative design

Regarding product design matters

If you need a simple solution or an innovative product design, our team can meet your requirements. Whether it's in terms of the appearance design or the internal structural design, we can achieve a perfect balance by utilizing the maximum number of elements to bring about the greatest results. We have advanced 3D printing equipment that allows us to quickly print the product after completing the design, thereby verifying the reliability, usability, and accuracy of its design structure. We have been expanding our business operations globally, with Taiwan serving as our base. With continuous improvements in various materials and manufacturing processes, we firmly believe that if you give us any opportunity to design your product, we will maintain our enthusiasm and provide you with high-quality design and services. We look forward to establishing a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with you.


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About Us

Koyu Creative Co., Ltd. was officially registered and approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on October 21, 2020 (Republic of China calendar).

Our company is primarily focused on a "human-centered" design concept, aiming to create products that are warm and meaningful for our customers. Starting from understanding the needs of people, we strive to outline designs that are aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and cost-effective.

Our professional team embraces an innovative and diverse management approach, ensuring that each team member can achieve their maximum potential and find happiness in their respective roles.

Fields involved

Products in the field of bicycle peripherals and accessories

Products in the field of outdoor gear

Manual/Electric Hardware Tools related field

Home Appliance Industry

Products related to medical instruments and appliances


No. 126, Lane 43, Shengli 5th Street, Tanzi District, Taichung City, Taiwan


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