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rough draft/concept

The first step in the birth of a classic product is to visually depict the concept through hand-drawn sketches or computer renderings. Afterwards, feasible solutions are organized and evaluated from the user's perspective to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the product, facilitating discussions on areas that can be improved.


A significant number of meetings and discussions, whether it be client requirement review meetings or technical discussions on the manufacturing end, serve as a crucial stage in translating imaginative concepts into tangible product designs. This process is both essential and pivotal in bringing out the essence and significance of the final product.


3D modeling design

Using computer software, the designed product is created based on the materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly methods of each individual component. It is designed to meet the specific requirements and optimized for ease of manufacturing and assembly. Attention is also given to user experience, such as grip, visual balance, storage, and more. All of these elements are presented comprehensively within the 3D environment of the computer.

3D printing technology/model fabrication

The finalized 3D model is used to create the first prototype either through 3D printing or CNC machining. This prototype is produced in the original size or a reduced scale, allowing for a thorough review of the design for any potential flaws before investing in costly mass production molds.

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